How can I redirect the user from one page to another using jQuery or pure JavaScript?

How to automatically redirect a Web Page to another URL using jQuery or pure JavaScript?

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Nov 17

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Redirect a Webpage Using Pure JavaScript or Core Javascript.


There are a couple of ways to redirect to another webpage with JavaScript. The most popular ones are location.href and location.replace:

// Simulate a mouse click:
window.location.href = "";

// Simulate an HTTP redirect:

The difference between href and replace is that replace() removes the URL of the current document from the document history, meaning that it is not possible to use the "back" button to navigate back to the original document.

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One does not simply redirect using jQuery

jQuery is not necessary, and window.location.replace(...) will best simulate an HTTP redirect.

window.location.replace(...) is better than using window.location.href, because replace() does not keep the originating page in the session history, meaning the user won't get stuck in a never-ending back-button fiasco.

If you want to simulate someone clicking on a link, use location.href

If you want to simulate an HTTP redirect, use location.replace

For example:

// similar behavior as an HTTP redirect

// similar behavior as clicking on a link
window.location.href = "";

answered Dec 21

5 ways to redirect a web page using JavaScript and jQuery

The redirection can also be divided into two categories, client-side and server-side. On the client-side, the redirection client is responsible for routing requests to another URL but in server-side redirection, it's the server's job to redirect to a new page.

1. Redirection using window.location.href of Javascript


You should remember that window.location.href loads page from browser's cache and does not always send the request to the server.

2. Redirection using replace() function


Use the replace() method if you want to want to redirect to a new page and don't allow the user to navigate to the original page using the back button.

3. Redirection using window assign() function


Use the assign() method for redirection if you want to allow the user to use the back button to go back to the original document.

4. Redirection using navigate function


This code is similar to the first method and the page will be loaded from the cache if available instead of sending a new request to the server.

5. Redirect web page using jQuery

var url = "";

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