It appears pretty simple but I can not find a good method to do it. Say in the first page "page1.php" I created a variable

$myVariable = "Some text";

And the form's action for that page is "page2.php". So on page2.php, how can I have access to that variable? I know I can do it with sessions but I think it's too much for a simple string, and I do only need to pass a simple string (a file name).


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Nov 17

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Http and https is stateless connection, however you did or you saw on previous page, is completely unconnected with the current page. but if you are using something like GET/POST methods, Sessions or cookies, then its quite easy to use on another page, hear is all example for your use.


//On page 1
$_SESSION['variablename'] = $var_value;

//On page 2
$var_value = $_SESSION['variablename'];

Note: Don't forgot to run session_start(); statement on both pages before you do access with the $_SESSION .


//One page 1
$_COOKIE['variablename'] = $var_value;

//On page 2
$var_value = $_COOKIE['variablename'];


You can add the variable in the link to the next page:

<a href="page2.php?variablename=<?php echo $var_value ?>">Page2</a>

This will create a GET variable.


Another way is to include a hidden field in a form that submits to page two:

<form method="get" action="page2.php">
    <input type="hidden" name="variablename" value="var_value">
    <input type="submit">

And then on page two:

//Using GET
$var_value = $_GET['variablename'];

//Using POST
$var_value = $_POST['variablename'];

//Using GET, POST.
$var_value = $_REQUEST['variablename'];


answered Dec 02

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